Monday, January 25, 2016

The Final Countdown

My due date is 10 days away. I really feel like this little boy could show up any time-which would be ok with his mama. Before he comes though I want to take just a few minutes to share a few things about this pregnancy that have been on my mind.

-I love being pregnant. I have been blessed to be fairly healthy throughout this pregnancy, and the excitement of growing a baby has made this a wonderful experience.

-Feeling my baby boy inside me fills me with more happiness than I can express. I've loved that we've been a package deal for the last nine months, that no matter where I was I had one of my very best friends with me.

-Nesting is real, and settling into his little nursery was one of the most fun things about this last trimester. I loved hunting for the bargain furniture, washing his little clothes, and sewing his little mobile. Each little thing I did got me one step closer to him coming, and that made all of it extra special.

-I will miss hearing his heartbeat so frequently-but I'm pretty sure the little grunts, sneezes, cries and babbles will more than make up for it.

-I love this baby more than I thought I could, and I haven't even seen him yet. I'm in awe by the love I can feel for someone I've never even seen.

-As much as I want baby boy to be in my arms, and as uncomfortable as I am at this point in pregnancy, I'm trying my very best to make the most of this stage of my life. These final moments before he comes, and everything changes so drastically. One of my resolutions for this year is to be more present in every moment of my life and to enjoy the stage I'm in. So-as anxious as I am to hold him in my arms, for tonight I'm happy to cuddle up on the couch and feel his kicks inside me.

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