Saturday, January 9, 2016

Our First Utah Christmas

Nate proposed to me on December 13, 2013 and a week later was on a plane headed home for Christmas, and last year we spent Christmas together in Oregon. Which made this Christmas mine and Nate's first Utah Christmas. It was a perfect one. Santa came early to the Rau house so Nate and I woke up early Christmas Eve to see what he brought, and open a few presents from each other. It was a happy, quiet celebration-our last one just the two of us. 

Later we met up with my family for brunch, and spent the afternoon baking and preparing for our big Christmas Eve dinner. That night we headed over to Aunt Debbie's house for the big dinner, but not before putting on our awesome Christmas light necklaces. We had a blast with the London's eating delicious food, playing games, visiting with the wise men, and playing the chimes.

After the party we went back to Mom and Dad's-where opened our annual Christmas jammies. There were even some for our baby boy! We also read the scriptures, and spent some time talking about our Savior.

Christmas morning brought wonderful surprises from Santa, and thoughtful gifts from each other. As always Santa was too good to us, but as happy as I was with what he brought me-I had the most fun looking at what he brought for our baby boy. I've heard that Christmas as a parent is the very best. What I didn't realize is that now, before we even get to see our son, Christmas would be extra special. The whole time was spent thinking about him, and how because of our Savior Jesus Christ he gets to be our son forever. For me, that was the best part of this snowy, perfect Christmas. 

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