Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Deep Dark Secrets

It was a night like any other. And by a night like any other I mean since I've moved home. And by night I mean evening because despite it being 8:00 we had still not eaten dinner. And by not eating dinner yet I mean that our favorite take out Italian was not ready yet. And by not ready yet I mean... Ok so it was not necessarily a night like any other but it was a night at home. My dad and I sat with two computers passing the time by exploring youtube. Anyways after listening to our new favorite singer and finding out what Taylor the Latte Boy really thinks I moved on to some Facebook stalking. As Dad and I were talking this whole time I realized a shocking thing...that my dad has (duh duh duh)..... a DEEP DARK SECRET!!!! Thats right people, a DEEP DARK SECRET! I didn't even think Dad's could have secrets! Ok well the secret really was just some little thing he knew I would tease him about(very true)! Still though I was in shock that my Dad even had a DEEP DARK SECRET! Then I got to thinking though, don't we all have DEEP DARK SECRETS?(don't you think the capitalization really adds to the excitement?) And wouldn't life be so boring if we didn't? After all if no one had secrets there would be nothing to discover about each other! Secrets add excitement and intrigue! And allow for us all to keep learning a little more about each other! So, although there are definitely things that should NOT be a secret, I've started to embrace DEEP DARK SECRETS! And can I just tell you how darn mysterious it's made me feel?!

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Shane said...

Thanks for letting me keep my "deep dark secret." Love ya kid and glad to have you home for the summer!