Monday, August 31, 2009

My First Day of School

I feel like this post needs to be playful and happy so I've decided to make it into a little story-please enjoy...

Once upon a time there was a "semi-cute" girl named.... (this was always the hard part when making up stories)... Virginia! She was almost a grown up and moved into a lovely castle complete with a missionary map to track all of her knight friends on their quests and a love sac to get some beauty sleep on-as all maidens need. She liked going to school and learning all the important things that maidens need to know, so when it came time for the night before her classes started she could hardly sleep!(ok, some of this sentence is a little falsified-I could sleep anytime!) She woke up early that morning, before the sun even rose and jumped off her lovely bed (they are really tall) and went off to attempt to get beautiful for her day! She was sad though because before she could go to classes she had to go do work, which all proper maidens hate to have to do, but she got ready anyways and with a little help from her lady in waiting she looked pretty good!(Aren't roommates great!)

After riding her beautiful stallion to and from the place where she worked she finally got to go to class. Her first class was Biology, and the maiden was quite nervous about this. She went though, and decided that she would love it very much. After that class the maiden gracefully(yea right!) rushed off to her next class in the lovely Benson building. There she was in a class full of almost all maidens, very very few knights in shining armour, and she began to learn about the enemy in her life... Organic Chemistry. Chemistry is the enemy the maiden fears the greatest, and has struggled so hard to defeat in the past, but despite being discouraged about having to face the Organic Chemistry Beast the maiden put on a good face and along with some of her friends decided she could conquer the beast. Next the maiden went to her Political Science/International Relations class where she learned all about the different countries and lands in the world and became so excited! Oh how our maiden Virginia LOVES political science! Even if it does require her to get a subscription to the NY times! Finally the maiden made it to her last class, the smallest one she has ever had at BYU! It was called Latter Day Saints in War Times and as the maiden sat in there with the 20 others in the class she knew she was just going to love this class! Finally, after hours of work and classes the maiden was able to come home and relax, but not until after picking up a fancy linner (late lunch/dinner) of J-Dawgs! And the maiden lived happily ever after, went on many dates with hot boys, won a million dollars and got A's in all her classes(ha ha it's my story so I get to pick the ending!) The end

Cheesy... I know, but I couldn't resist.

PS-Runway Sunday was successful... as in I didn't look like a fool or fall or trip in some embarrassing manner. Ward prayer was actually ward dessert night ( I knew I'd like this ward!) last night and that was great too. Even if some of the boys in the ward are kind like stickers.... hard to get away from... ha ha ha


Stacie said...

Oh cute! I can't wait to come see your new apartment!!

Shane said...

Loved the story...can't wait for the continuing update (after homework of course). The only part I didn't agree with was the "semi-cute" maiden comment...the maiden I know in this story is beautiful.

Keep studying and can't wait to see you on Thursday...GO UTES!

I guess I'd better be politically correct. Give it all you got BYU on Saturday.

robyne said...

Love the creative post...and I agree with Dad the maiden is beautiful!! Sweet Dreams!!