Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Meeting in the Middle

I remember being so relieved when I saw her, so glad. It was one of those experiences where just being around someone gives you a renewed sense to live, to be better. We ate dinner, and talked. As the pasta was devoured good conversation was produced. We spoke about life, about death, about him being gone-and about how difficult that was for each of us, about school, about becoming a nurse, about the family, about the changes and about surviving. She had just finished taking care of him when all of a sudden she was thrust into taking care of me. With her experience and wisdom she assured me that it's ok, that we will get through this too, and we cried.
As I drove back to Provo that night I took back more than I came with. Besides my Dr. Frankenstein book I also brought with me a new perspective. A renewed desire to accomplish, to survive, and to be better. Just being with her does that.

Tonight we met in American Fork again-not 100 yards from where we had been earlier. Dinner and a movie this time, with great conversation and lots of laughter. As I was driving home I thought about what I was taking home with me now, 6 months later. No book this time, don't worry I have plenty, but that same renewed feeling-like I'm stronger now, better able to face the world. Along with that was the overwhelming feeling of accomplishment, of survival. As I hugged her goodbye I couldn't help but think- we endured, and we endured it well.

Thanks for "meeting in the middle". Thanks for a real meal. Thanks for taking me to the movie-I loved it. Thanks for not arguing that American Fork isn't really the middle. Thanks for Dr. Frankenstein. Thanks for the big hug. Thanks for being the best mom. Thanks for being the best friend. Thanks for taking care of me when I needed it. Thanks for helping me smile. Thanks for making me better.

I can't wait to do it again sometime soon! I love you


Shane said...

I'm glad you get to have these neat opportunities..enjoy the time while you can. You're all so very important to me and I sure wish I could go spend time with mom again.

Love ya.

robyne said...

You make me cry!! Thanks for the good company and conversation....I love you to pieces!!