Friday, September 25, 2009

Oh Oh It's Magic, ya know?

Magic. Pure, innocent, blissful, naive, exciting magic. There is no other way to explain the way a 2 minute movie trailer, or a walk down Main Street of a theme park instantly erases my 19-year old stresses and emotions and replaces them with the simple excitement you would expect from a 7 year old. I love this magic. I love being able to be a kid. I love being able to forget about my problems for a time and just giggle. I love Disney!
Needless to say every time a movie trailer comes on for The Princess and The Frog, I get silent and smile in anticipation. This movie looks absolutely beautiful! It reminds me of the magic of Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin and the Little Mermaid-magical love and beauty in only a way Disney can capture. It is magical, and it does that magical thing where my excitement once again resembles that of a 7 year old, in a way that only Disney can.

What? You haven't seen a preview yet? Check one out here.

And it's not just Disney movies that I love, it is all things Disney. I am going through Disneyland withdrawals currently and I am counting down the Thanksgivings (and crossing my fingers that it works out!!) until we get to go back to Disneyworld.

Just in case you were wondering-Thanksgiving in Disneyworld is absolutely magical. It's all decked out for Christmas, and if you think I love Disney you should see how excited I get about Christmas!! It is the ideal combination! And one of my very, very favorite family traditions-for which I'm very thankful!

Me and my favorite people in my favorite place!


robyne said...

I am also counting down until we can go again...what a trip that was! I also love Christmas and Disney and together it really is magic!

Shane said...

The Disney World trip was amazing, even if it was cold. Hope we can pull it off again. Disney is a magic place...probably beause of their pop corn and frozen bananas!