Wednesday, October 1, 2008

80s Night!

Rachelle and I all dressed up! Notice my cute shoes, they didn't last long... my poor feet!
Not really sure how 80s it all was, but it was SO much fun!
Crazy Roommates
I love these girls! I seriously have the best girls in my ward ever!!
This was such a fun night! I'm so glad that Rachelle made me come!

I'm learning that college is a lot more than tests, books, essays, and notes. It is actually a ton of fun!! For example: Where else in the world are you going to find a bunch of freshman girls randomly dressed up as if from the 80s crash a ward dance full of college seniors?! (Oh, and for the record, the leaders of that ward, assuming we were actually in that ward, loved us and took like a million pictures of us, which I can imagine will be on some ward website or bulletin board as an example of how to make ward activities more fun) When the girls in my ward said they were going to dress up, just to dress up and walk around I thought they were crazy. After some encouraging from Rachelle, and some help putting together an outfit from my new friends, we were all set. After taking millions of pictures we headed around campus, eventually found some dance and partied it up! It was seriously the most fun I have had since moving here! Thanks for letting me get a little crazy girls! I loved it!

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Mandy said...

Nicole I love it!!!!!! Except you have forgotten banana clips, warm leggins, hmmm..... what else oh man do I feel old now. Anyway you look great!