Thursday, November 17, 2011

10 Things I'm Terribly Thankful For: 8

Let me preface this by saying that it's been an easy week school wise-so being thankful for it has been pretty easy this week.
I always wanted to go to BYU. People often ask me, given the fact that I am a Utah fan, why I go to BYU. I honestly have no answer to give them other than the fact that I always wanted to go here.
So I worked hard. I studied hard. I took the ACT multiple times, I got involved in extra curricular activities and then one magical day my Mom and Dad were leaving early for something but they came into my room with a paper my dad had printed from the BYU website-it had a list of application statuses:
BYU-I: Accepted
BYU-Provo: Accepted
There was such a relief in knowing that my hard work had paid off in the way I wanted it to. The official letter came about a week later.
A few weeks ago I was talking to a friend about BYU, and getting into BYU. We both mentioned how it was each of our first choices. And it hit me...
I got into my first choice. I go to college at my first choice.
I wondered how few people could say that. And instead of feeling cocky, or thinking this was all my own genius (ha) I felt extremely grateful. My father had given me what I'd pleaded for, what I'd desired.
I'm not one to say that BYU is better than anywhere else, I promise. Education is personal and unique for everyone. However, BYU is exactly where I needed to be. I'm gaining the education that I need, in a way that I need for a life that is being inspired by the things I'm learning here.
Today, that increase in knowledge, that opportunity that has been granted me, and the possibility of achieving my wildest dreams because of this opportunity is what I am terribly thankful for.

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