Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Welcome November...

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I love Christmas. It is my favorite time of the year-the decorations, the smells, the lights, the music.

However, I also love the sometimes overlooked holiday of Thanksgiving. I love that our country has a holiday where we can look over our lives and reflect on how blessed we really are. And Christmas, at least in my opinion, wouldn't be Christmas without the feeling of gratitude and thanksgiving that accompanies it.

So, this month I'm making some goals 1-to actually blog, and 2-to share some of the things I am most gratful for in my life. I'm starting today-here is list #1.

10 Things I'm Terribly Thankful For Today:

10-That in less than 40 minutes (usually) I can get from my apartment to my home. I love that I am so close to both, and get to see my family so often.

9-The beautiful leaves we've had lately. We seriously had one of the most beautiful autumns I can remember here in  Provo. (had-past tense... the frost is set in now)
8-Dr. Cole postponing my environmental health midterm by a week. Such. A. Relief.

7-That my computer was able to be fixed for only $75!

6-Stake Conference this past weekend. The talks were really great, the speakers inspired, and the blind dog in training sitting a few rows up  was very entertaining.

5-E-mails from a "bestie" that are complete with huge pictures of wedding rings, and Audrey. We seriously have too much fun with the whole copy/paste business.

4-Neighbors who let us borrow everything from sugar or flour to white gloves. Yes, my neighbors are awesome.

3-Roommates who keep me laughing, make our house a home, bake yummy treats, stay up late chatting, go on diet coke runs, give great advice and deliver the best news of November on November 1! Seriously November, I highly doubt you can top this great news. We might as well bring on December.

2-Diet coke.

1- The prophet. I got to hear from him yesterday when he came to give devotional, and I loved every second of it. That man sure knows how to make me smile

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robyne said...

Love your list....guess I ought to blog soon, it has been a few months;)