Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Thursday night one of my wildest dreams came true.

I saw Ingrid Michaelson in concert.

Can I say that just one more time please? I saw Ingrid Michaelson in concert.

Oh boy did I ever.

And she was...indescribable. From the first chord of Fire, until the final bow she took my breath away. She was the perfect blend of a stunning vocal performance and awkward, reassuringly human words. I was in awe the whole night.

Most of the stuff she sang was from Human Again, her newest album, but she did throw in a few old favorites. And she may or may not have had me choked up when she sang Can't Help Falling in Love.

Honestly, it was probably my favorite concert I've ever been too. I love going to a concert and feeling, when you go to leave, that you couldn't have enjoyed it more. And that was the case with this one.
And since I know many of you couldn't be there here are a few photos to let you in on how great it was:

Honestly I can't really explain what Ingrid's music is to me. In a lot of ways it's been the soundtrack to my life. It's like they've became little pieces of me.  I remember a few years back listening to one of her songs, sitting at my parents home and just thinking "wow, i really get this." So it was stunning to get to hear those songs live performed by her; those little pieces of my life.

Really beautifully stunning.

And the company was great too.
The look of two girls whose dreams came true

PS. Her opening act was surprisingly great. They're offering a free download of their newest album, and you can find that here if your interested.

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