Monday, April 30, 2012

A Little Update

Yesterday, everything changed.

The fort came down. Our mattresses made it back to our own bedrooms. The furniture got shifted a little.

And Jenna left.

I'm not going to lie-losing Jenna and the fort in one day was a pretty tough blow.

We're currently accepting dinners, diet cokes, and paid time off while we're in mourning, if your offering.

Dear Jenna, we miss you lots. Have fun tomorrow. At that thing-that I know you're pumped for. :) Also enjoy watching greys on TiVo, the beach, NYC/Boston and Diet Cokes paid for by Melinda. Can't wait until June! Love, me. PS-my goal this week is to catch up on revenge. Expect a phone call so I can talk all about it with you.

1 comment:

Jenna Masters said...

I miss you so much, nicole! it's so sad to not have you there to accompany me on spontaneous diet coke runs, trips to slab, and movies. but soon we will be back together again! for that, i cannot wait!! love you!