Thursday, April 8, 2010


I love productive days. They are the best. Ok, maybe lazy days are the best but productive days are a close second. It's sleep that really makes lazy ones pull ahead... and staying in PJ's. I just love that feeling... ah... Anyways, I have no time for lazy days right now because I'm too busy having productive ones.
Take today for example.
I woke up while the air was still crisp. I went to the gym. For an hour.
(oohs and awes of amazement)
I not only filled my car up with gas and drove through the car wash but stopped at the Cougar was and vacuumed my car out!
(even more amazement... trust me it's been quite awhile)
I proceeded to come home, shower, eat a healthy (ish-I'm not super woman here) lunch, and go to the post office where I applied for my passport. London is becoming more real everyday!!!
I came home, and you know what I did... homework. That's not even due till next week!
I even helped the roommates make an extra credit movie, and enjoyed a lovely dinner.
All before heading to the Ward Activities Committee meeting of course.
You know what else I did-blogged. Look at me. Look at today. Look at my productivity.
And that my friends is why I blog. To remember days like today, because they sure don't happen enough :)

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