Wednesday, June 9, 2010

"It's Whatever"

[/Its/ /hwuht-ev-er/]; adj.

1-phrase used to describe feelings of one being totally fine or possessing no opinion on a matter for example:
Girl 1: Where should we go to lunch? Gurus? Jason's Deli? Sensuous Sandwich?
Girl 2: Oh I don't care it's whatever.
2-phrase used to describe one's feelings when one is in the state of being unsure of their feelings
Girl 1: Ohhh (insert girly squeal here) you're so in love.
Girl 2: No I'm not. It's just that, ugh I dunno...It's whatever
3- phrase used to avoid a specific topic that one doesn't want to address in order to avoid divulging one's true feelings despite the recipient already knowing how the other feels
Girl 1: Speaking of, have you heard from (insert boy's name here) lately?
Girl 2: No I haven't. No don't worry, it's ok.. I'm fine... It's whatever... Sooooo tell me about (insert other girl's man's name here)
4-phrase used to describe ones current station or position in life
Girl 1: So, tell me about all the fun you've been having!
Girl 2: I wish! Right now my life isn't too exciting. It's whatever though, I'm happy.

Note: it can also be used to simply make one laugh late at night

Yesterday all definitions of this phrase were put into place. Do I over use the "it's whatever" mantra? Maybe.. Oh well. It's whatever.


Mikhael said...

Hahah this sounded alll too familiar :) what are we going to do with us?

robyne said...

one more way to use this word. When frustrated with parent. Example:

Mom: "So you can go pick up your sister/brother/dog/dinner/...?"
Daughter: "Uugggh....I guess so since nobody else will"
Mom: "What'd you say?"
Daughter: "Nothing.....just whatever..I'll go!"