Tuesday, June 8, 2010

In the end...

It will be worth all the hours spent:

Writing up orders for blank posts

Auditing measurements and sending out bills

Avoiding the wrath of the one with anger management problems

Making small talk with the shop kid who starts a conversation with "you look..better" (seriously.. this is not even a joke)
And just sitting and waiting for something to do (the hours pass very slowly)

When I'm:

Shopping in Herrods

Taking evening walks in Hyde Park

Having tea in the Great Hall

Reading Austin on the coach ride to her house

Seeing Stone Henge

Eating crepes across the street from the Luvre

Falling in love with a new home, the great war, a new ward, and new friends

Minding the gap at the tube stations

Spending countless hours wandering museums and loving it

Watching plays at the Globe Theater

Strolling along the streets of Italy

Living in London!!!

I don't have a count down going because I don't want to get so excited that I miss the beauty that is around me today. However, when I'm sitting at my desk wishing I had something to do to pass the time, I daydream of London.

1 comment:

Stacie said...

I daydream of London too. Too bad I don't get to go! Lucky girl! :)