Monday, November 5, 2012

And Here We Go Again...

Happy November

Here in my little corner of the internet I like to spend November focusing on the many things in my life that I am grateful for. 

I'd like to start off by saying how grateful I am for the life I'm living. This week I was reminded that life is short, and that time is such a precious, often undervalued, commodity. I'm grateful for the activities, places and most especially the people that make my life what it is. It doesn't often go according to plan, and it hardly ever matches my dreams-but this is my life. And truly living it, with its ups, downs, surprises tears, and even the mundane tasks, makes me terribly happy.

So although some of the things I list this month may seem trivial in nature (spoiler: Diet Coke always makes the list ever year) each of these blessings are things that are dear to me, because they make this life mine.

So, without further ado, and in no particular order, are:

10 Things I'm Terribly Thankful For:

10-These girls. My own roommate Natalie, and the girls of 897- my "other roommates"
9-That my commute to work is 10 minutes, on a bad day

8-Football season

7-My apartment. I couldn't ask for a better "home"then 231

6-My ward. Really, this is the best ward in Provo

5-LONG phone calls with friends

4-Einstein's bagels

3-My London friends (I can't imagine my life without them)

2-My car. It's nothing fancy but it has carried me from Provo to Sandy and back again countless times

1-The plan of Salvation.
This week I got to see my cousin, just a few years older to me, become a father. I loved having him introduce me to his new boy. A half our later, in the same hospital, I sat with a grieving father who was so close to losing his adult child. As my own father and I reflected on those two events that night we both mentioned our gratitude for this wonderful blessing. To me it just makes sense that there is more than our brief time here on earth, and that the relationships we develop here can continue on.

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