Friday, November 6, 2009


Today I'm especially grateful for my dad. There are many reasons why, but they can all be summed up in about one sentence: He is the best dad ever. (he denies it but he is wrong-probably because hes just getting old and forgot) He really is the best dad I could ever ask for. He does so much for me from managing all my financial affairs(and by this I mean breaking the news to me when I'm completely broke in a loving, concerned way) to randomly texting me just to tell me he loves me and he hopes I'm having a good day. He is a loving, patient, kind, caring father who loves his wife and daughters more than anything. He sacrifices so much time, money(he has all daughters so this really can be a HUGE sacrifice) and energy into making sure that we are provided for and happy. All of this alone is evidence enough in proving he is the best dad but there is one more thing that I'm especially grateful for these days-he understands.

One day when I was particularly struggling with working out my life and school and thinking my dreams were unreachable I became very discouraged. He told me about a time when he was in school and the struggles he had with a certain class. In that moment my dad was not just a dad, he was a friend who had been there before and was telling me it was all going to work out, and that sometimes we all struggle. Knowing this man that I've always thought was invincible struggled with the same things I do made me admire him even more. I don't think I ever told him how much that meant to me, so Dad-thanks for sharing your struggles and giving me the hope to overcome mine. You probably don't even remember this event but it meant the world to me. So today as I continue to struggle with Chemistry and school I am particularly grateful for you. I love you Dad.

I'm also grateful he knows how to be a straight up G-unlike some of those parents you hear about these days ;) jk

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