Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Mickey Mouse Vision

Tuesday found me and Rach, one of my amazing roommates, on the road again heading northbound on I-15 to make a quick voyage to my home. Rach loves my family, and my family loves her so I know whenever she comes home with me that I should expect my sisters to admire her, ask her for help with their bibliography, and my mother to dote on her-I love sharing the family lovin' though! Yesterday was no different. Except it kinda was, because we had a special mission on this journey home-retrieve Christmas decorations! Well, and visit my sick mama... and hug my sisters, and pick up Chinese food for the fam and steal some cans for the ward can food drive. So I guess it was a many-mission voyage. Anyways we were successful on all our missions and even got to bring home left over Chinese and individual buntletts! (D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S!) Then we headed home and began the Christmas/Cleaning frenzy that needed to take place. We cleaned the apartment for cleaning checks, while decorating for Christmas, oh and we rearranged the furniture. It was a very busy day. As we grew tired fuses began to run short on all ends, and stress took its toll, as did delirium a little bit! Which leads me to my gratitude of the day. We have these big paper lanterns that we hang from the corner but since we were moving the room around we had to move them too. So, as Gwen was hanging all six of them in a beautiful clump I kept seeing Micky Mouse in the shape of them. It was hilarious. Conversations like this ensued:
Gwen: "Does it look good here?"
Me: "It looks like Mickey Mouse."
Gwen: "Ok then I'll move it to here."
Me: "I still see Mickey Mouse"
Everyone: "Stop saying that!!"

But I couldn't help it. Well I could help saying it but not seeing it. And for that I am grateful.

Still confused? Allow me to make this long post even longer and explain.

There is a 30 Rock episode in which Mr. Donaghy says "Kenneth, I wish I could see the world through your eyes." And Kenneth responds that he is sure it's the same way everyone else sees it, but when the camera shows Kenneth's view everybody is a Muppet character.

Still confused? Hang in there I promise I'll get to the point in just a second.

When the camera showed the world through Mr. Donaghy's vision, everyone had different amounts of $ signs over their head.

Wait for it, wait for it.

I'm different that the Donaghys of the world. I see things are pure, innocent and happy. Some may say it's because I'm naive, other because I'm stupid. I prefer to believe that it is because I want to believe the best, see the best, and bring out the best of this world. I believe it makes things better, it makes me smile instead of get discouraged, it makes me feel like a child in the best possible way, and it lets me be myself-and oh so happy. I'll call it my Mickey Mouse Vision for now. Whatever people call it though, I'm grateful for it.

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