Monday, November 23, 2009

My Best Bud Part 2: Abbie

Once upon a time I was a little 3 year old girl. I had a pixie hair-cut and thought I knew everything. I had one little sister so when Mom and Dad told me we were having a new baby coming to our family I desperately wanted a brother. Instead Heavenly Father in his infinite wisdom gave me Abbie, and I've been grateful ever since.

Abbie has a many great qualities about her. She is one of the kindest, friendliest, determined, people I know. She is an example to me of how to live my everyday life, how to be friends to all, and how to make the most of each day. There are so many things I love about this girl and here are a few I'd love to share.

Abbie makes friends easily because everyone loves being around her

Abbie has always had lots of friends, she is easy to get along with, very fun to be around, and very kind. She fiercely loves and defends her friends, even when they may not always deserve to be so loved. She sees the best in everyone of her friends, and in everyone. I love the way Abbie sees and treats others.

She's got spunk!

Mom and dad sometimes refer to her as the exclamation point at the end of our family. I LOVE it! From ghetto fabulous baby clothes, to her magenta sparkly eye liner Abbie is never afraid to try new things, get out there and experience life. I admire this so much. While others sit on the sides, terrified of what others think of them she does exactly what she wants to, and because she has the courage to do this everyone loves her!

Even though she is younger than me, she takes care of me.

Sometimes when I have bad days and I call home hoping to vent to the parentals I get Abbie on the phone, and she knows just what to say to make me feel better. She even lets me cry, holds my hand and tells me everything will be alright when I back into the garage. She makes me feel loved, and like a good person. She has such a gift for helping others see the good in themselves, and she especially does this for me. Thank you so much dear.

She is happy.

Rarely does she have pity parties, and even at her moodiest teenage stage she is usually very happy. I love her smile, it not only lights up the room but continues on to light up the whole block. She has always been this way and it's something I completely adore about her.

Her laugh.
The way she devours books now.
Her tender love for others.
Her love for church sports, I so admire this because it's something I don't really understand. :)
The dedication she has for her schoolwork.
Her picky eating.
Her sweet dancing, especially when we're in the car.
How she works on Personal Progress every week.

Abbie, you are one of the most beautiful people I've ever known, both outside and in. Please don't ever forget this. If you ever are feeling down remember that I love you so much, and would do anything in the world for you. Thanks for being patient with me when I think I know more than you do and get a little bossy, for making me laugh, and for always loving me. Oh and for never beating me at Disney Scene it. I love you girl! And will forever!

PS-I love that you want to be gangsta too! ;)


Mandy said...

I posted a comment on the best bud part 1. But same goes for this post as well. I love you and your family!!!

robyne said...

Beautiful post are an awesome big sister to your two "Best-A-Buds"!