Friday, November 13, 2009

My Tunes

My new favorite artist is Joshua Radin. Well he isn't new, but he is to my life, and oh how he has blessed it-especially in the song Sky where he is coupled with the woman I probably admire more than any other song-writer singer: Ingrid Michaelson. (No offense Tay Swift, but you're a whole other genre and you know you're my home-girl-bifl-know-every-secret-of-my-heart so please don't find offense-I'd hate to be the next 'Drew'.) Anyways, back to Ingrid. She has a hauntingly beautiful sound that brings automatic peace to my open, listening heart. Wow I should be a writer-note to self remember this epiphany when at the advisement center. She speaks to me in a way that no other song writer does. She remind me to "keep breathing" and expresses the fears of "what if I fall further than you? What if you dream of somebody new? What if I never let you in and chase you with a rolling pin, well what if I do?" and to "give up on half-empty glasses". Seriously, she is wonderful. If I could only listen to one singer, it may be her-don't quote me on that but check her out by clicking here.
Now back to Joshua Radin, I heard the song I'd Rather Be With You the other day and I'm completely head over heels in love listen to it here. And of course I have to share my love of the men who always bring calm to my life-The Fray. listen to one of my favorites here. And then there is Sara Bareillis, and Matt Nathanson and Kate Voegele and I'm stopping now. Oh except I have to mention Mat Kearney too. But Really. Now.
Anyways the reason this is my thankful thing today(Thursday- I know it's past midnight but I plan on being up till twoish studying so I'm counting it as Thursday still) is that it was a lame day. It was a sad day. There were tears. There were no phone calls answered when I wanted them, there was disagreements with people I love, and there was serious need of space at times. So, I went and studied for 4 hours and while I did I listened to my mix i like to call 'alternative dusk music' despite the fact that its not really alternative which includes all the artists I mentioned, and it made me feel ok. Then I came home and there were some arguments I didn't feel like having, and some judgements that were placed on me that made me angry and this led to a need for space and no place-except in my music. So, right now I sit with my headphones in and my mix back on, and I feel ok. I feel capable of remaining calm. I feel like I'm finding the space I need, in a way that still lets me accomplish my studying, except when I'm blogging.
So today I'm grateful for good, beautiful, uplifting, clean, peaceful, calm, hopeful, loving music that makes me feel good, in a grown-up choosing to get space and study instead of cause contention kind of way. In a peaceful you're ok kind of way. In a tomorrow is another day, and everything will work out kind of way. In a 'Nicole your life is tricky but you're capable and this gift of good music is from me to you to help you when you need it because you appreciate the wonder that is music and I love you' kind of way.
Needless to say, it's a very good feeling. The kind of feeling that makes me smile when there isn't as much to smile about.
Hope you enjoy it too. And that you smile :)
(now my studying time will be more around 3-wish me luck)

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